Who starts going forward: Kyle Allen or Kyler Murray

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Kyle Allen is the Texas A&M starting quarterback, but for how long? Allen started the game against Arizona State, but Kyler Murray saw some action in the third quarter.

After the offense began to struggle and turn the ball over on a fumble and an interception both by Allen, he found himself sitting on the sideline watching Murray ignite the offense in the second half.

Murray came in and showed the elusiveness that we expected as he tried to spark an offense that had all but halted. He did have a brilliant scramble, but Murray also threw an interception into double coverage.

Murray did not lead the Aggies to a score before Allen returned with a 17-14 lead in the fourth quarter. Allen responded and led the Aggies to three straight touchdowns as the Aggies pulled away.

Allen has the slight edge as starting quarterback, but the freshman is charging hard. Murray is already a Texas football legend after going 42-0 in high school for the Allen Eagles.


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