Tonight we spell redemption: CHARLIE STRONG

AUSTIN, APRIL 10-- Former President George W. Bush arrives at the LBJ Presidential Library for the Civil Rights Summit. Photo by Eric Draper.

Rivalries are great aren’t they? When the whole world is against you, nothing can bring a team closer than preparing to upset a rival.

Charlie Strong proved on Saturday that his players haven’t quit on him and the University of Texas shouldn’t quit on him either.

It hasn’t been pretty for Charlie Strong, but Saturday provided a glimpse of how much his players care about him.

Texas might have a record of 2-4 after today, but could easily be better. A missed extra point against UCLA gave the Bruins the victory and a shanked punt the very next week set up a game winning field goal for Oklahoma State.

Charlie Strong still has a long way to go to become the Texas coach of the future, but at least for one Saturday, his job is secure.

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Jonathan Fenton

Jonathan Fenton

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