Time might run out for Al Golden on Saturday


The University of Miami started its season 3-0 this year and after coming off a big win vs Nebraska, had a game at Cincinnati. Did the Hurricanes over look the Cincinnati game? Were they looking ahead to a primetime game vs cross state rival Florida State? At this point, it really does not matter because Miami went on to lose both of those games and that 3-0 start, went from high hopes to another season of mediocrity.

There has been banners, cries, and outrage from fans to fire Al Golden. Golden is 32-24 at Miami and really has never had that signature win. The Hurricanes have never beaten rival FSU under Golden and is 0-3 in bowl games. Athletic Director Blake James is patiently waiting to decide on Golden’s future.

This coming Saturday Miami has another big game vs conference favorite Clemson. The Tigers are 6-0 and had a big time win versus Notre Dame. This is probably Golden’s last chance to show the nation that Miami is on the right track back to prominence under his leadership. Clemson is the favorite to win the ACC and is one of the top teams in the nation. Miami needs to come into this game with nothing to lose. Golden needs to pull out all of the tricks he has in his back pocket. This is the game that needs to turn around the Hurricanes season.

If this game does not go the way Miami hopes it will, expect the seat to get even hotter for Golden. If the game is ugly, Miami might be searching for a new coach come Sunday.

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Josh Theus

Josh Theus

Josh Theus is currently a student at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida. He is currently pursuing his AA degree in Sports Journalism. Josh then plans to transfer to Florida State University to finish getting his Masters degree. Josh loves everything college football and tries to go to as many Florida State Seminole football games.



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