Takeaways from a poll shifting week


Only 5 teams remained in their same AP top 25 poll spots this week (OSU, TCU, Baylor, Georgia and Clemson). The coaches poll had some discrepancies, but that’s another story.

Game Recaps

  • Auburn was finally knocked out of the AP top 25 after losing to LSU 21-45. Many fans were upset after they didn’t drop lower last week after barely beating Jacksonville State, although they are still clinging onto #25 in the coaches poll.
  • Stanford crawled back into the polls after beating USC 41-31, landing them at the #21 spot.
  • UCLA slipped by BYU beating them 24-23, giving the Bruins top 10 spot at #9
  • In the game of the week, #2 Alabama fell to Ole Miss for the 2nd year in a row. Maybe it was because Ole Miss wore their 1988 throwbacks from the last time they beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa, but either way it was an excellent game.
  • Notre Dame beat Georgia Tech 30-22, bringing the Irish to #6 and dropping the Yellow Jackets to #20
  • Ohio State barely beat the Huskies 20-13,

What does all of this mean?

Strength of schedule is playing a stronger role, although still isn’t as much of an influence as it should be. Maybe Ohio State should have dropped down to the #2 spot after barely beating an un-ranked MAC team. TCU and Baylor are still sitting in the top 5, although haven’t really played anybody worth mentioning. Many fans believe Mizzou should be out as well after beating UConn by 3 points.

The SEC is beginning to beat itself up, as expected, although teams like Auburn and Arkansas might still be in the polls if they didn’t lose their out of conference games. We will have to wait and see if Alabama can climb its way back up to the top 4 again this year, but with teams like Auburn dropping out of the polls and the SEC losing its strength, it might prove difficult.

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