Is the SEC still the best?


There are many obvious reasons as to why some might think the SEC is no longer the best. The SEC has not won a national championship in two years. The bowl season was extremely rough for the SEC, especially the west, the most dominate division in football and the SEC east hasn’t been a national factor since Florida and Tim Tebow. Despite many reasons to think the SEC is no longer the best, I would argue otherwise.

First of all, who is better?

Maybe the Big Ten, they won the first College Football Playoff ever. Sure, Ohio State is good, probably the best in the country, but apart from the Buckeyes, Michigan State is the only other team that challenges them in the Big Ten. Big Ten? No.

Big Twelve – Man they can air it out. They can score points with the best in the business. But part of that is because I’m not so sure they’ve figured out what defense is yet. Oklahoma could challenge for a title this year but other than that, the Big Twelve is a no go for me.

ACC – Sure, Florida State won a recent national championship, but the conference as a whole is pretty weak. Clemson and Florida State are usually top teams, but who is the next team? Georgia Tech? I like the way the Jackets play but I don’t see that playing style ever competing for a national championship. Therefore, in my opinion, ACC is a no.

Pac 12 – This is the conference that I think challenges the SEC the most, because they have a lot of good teams. Arizona, Arizona State, Stanford, USC, Oregon and UCLA are all teams that will challenge for a conference championship. The Pac 12 is a pretty good conference from top to bottom, but here’s the only thing that puts the Pac-12 below the SEC. When’s the last time they had a national championship? USC in 2004. Winning a national championship isn’t required to be the best conference, but they haven’t won in 11 years, that says something about the ability to finish a season for the Pac-12.

So why is the SEC still the best? Well, for one I just can’t see a conference that’s better. And for two, great teams sometimes have off years, and I would argue great conferences sometimes have off years. So despite having a couple of, by its standards, bad years, the SEC is still, from top to bottom, the best.

In the SEC, from week to week, any team could win. Mississippi State was voted to be dead last in the SEC West. I guarantee you that when LSU plays Mississippi State they won’t say, “Oh, this is a pushover win.” It’s a tough game every single week. Whereas when Ohio State plays Indiana, it’s pretty much a win every time.

The SEC has been the best for the last decade probably more and I still believe they are the best despite not winning a national championship for two years.

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Jonathan Perelman

I am a senior digital media major at Lee University in Tennessee. I play for the soccer team but am aspiring to one day be a college football journalist. I was born and raised on Rocky Top and it will always be home to me.