PED Suspension, 4 weeks or a year?


First of all let me say that in no way do I condone the use of performance enhancing drugs at any level and I don’t think anyone should, unless of course they like to cheat.

Second of all, I want to bring up the point that was made to me the other day after the suspension of Will Grier. Why is it that for PEDs in college they get a one year suspension while in the NFL they only get four games?

It seems a little bit ridiculous either way, honestly. I think that one year is too long while only four games seems a bit short of a suspension. For Florida, many people are saying their chances of winning the SEC are gone or more, the SEC East. Even though if ¬†Treon Harris can game manage then I think the Gators defense is good enough to take this team a long way. But that’s beside the point. The point is that because Grier is gone for so long, some people are counting them out until they get him back, which might not be until midway next year (according to the one year rule).

Once again, I am not making excuses for Grier (I think too many people are), I’m simply offering an argument. He definitely, in my opinion, took this supplement to gain muscle mass and to gain an edge. However, I could see how a suspension for the rest of the year would be sufficient. Why take away an entire year from this kid? Who, by the way, seemed very apologetic whether he meant to or not.

And isn’t the whole goal of college football to prepare players for the NFL? Taking a year away from this kid would mean that preparation would be stalled and perhaps more. Plus, why would college suspension be SO MUCH longer than NFL? I get that there are differences in college and NFL but this much seems to be a stretch. While in the NFL, if a quarterback is suspended for PEDs, the team can still make the playoffs. But in college, many are saying the Gators chances are done. Might as well throw this season out and wait till next year. If he’s caught at the beginning of the year it’s the same way. But if the suspension were say, just six games, then he could still have an impact.

Either way I think the kid has learned his lesson, maybe, who knows. But I think it’s ridiculous to take a kid out of his potential future profession for a year, while if he were already in his profession, he would only get four weeks out. Seems a bit odd to me.

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