Miami fans continue to not show up

The U

It was rainy and they weren’t playing a very good opponent, but Miami fans have no excuse for their poor showing on Saturday.

Once again in south Florida, the empty seats outnumbered the fans.

It is sad to see a team with such a rich history have such little support. Then again we are talking about Miami, the same city where fans left early from a Finals game in the midst of a LeBron James led comeback.

“The U” has the worst fans of the 21st century, period.  The excuses out there today have been many.

It was rainy, we weren’t playing a very good team, we are a small private school.

Those excuses however have no merit. It was raining on a sold out University of Florida, Florida State and a Georgia crowd too. None of those teams were playing a great opponent either.

and for the private school excuse, USC and Boston College don’t seem to have any problems drawing fans. Neither does Baylor, a private school who plays in a city with a population that can barely fill their new fancy stadium.


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Jonathan Fenton

Jonathan Fenton

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