J.T. Barrett Arrested Early Saturday Morning


Ohio State’s newly starting QB, J.T. Barrett, has been arrested on campus early Saturday morning. Is this the only way to have a bad bye week?

What does this mean for the Buckeyes? At least they aren’t short at the QB position, and Jones has the experience they need, but hasn’t proven himself to be the best option. If Barrett is out for the season, the Buckeyes will have gone from a triple threat QB situation, to a lone soldier.

Will Barrett be out for the season? If his driving resulted in a DUI, that is likely the case. He likely will not be kicked off of the team, but will face suspension for this season and some of next.  Although there are rumors he passed the field sobriety test, meaning he could have something more like a 2-3 game suspension. Another factor to remember as well is that he is under the age of 21, where the legal limit is .02.

More details to follow as the story unravels.

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