Gameday Timeline: Ole Miss


Have you ever wondered what Gameday is like at Ole Miss, the Harvard of the South? Here’s a timeline of an average afternoon in Oxford on a College Football Saturday.

9:00 AM – Wake up, it’s Gameday

It’s time to peel yourselves out of bed Rebel fans, it’s game day! Yes, you probably had a rough night out on The Square or went to a band party on Fraternity Row but The Grove is calling and you can’t be late! Be sure to find out what color you should wear and remember to always wear your best!

11:00 AM – The Grove

So you’ve finally gotten to The Grove in the heart of campus. You’re either walking around enjoying the lavish tents some people have set up or you’re getting rowdy at a fraternity tent. Either way there will be food and who can complain about that? While you’re there don’t forget to watch the Grove Show and always remember to cheer on the boys as they stroll down the Walk of Champions.

1:00 PM – Entering the Vaught

Around this time, you and 62,000 of your closest friends will have made it into Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. In a few minutes a well-known celebrity will start the Hotty Toddy and you’ll get the chills knowing the Rebs are about to kick off.

5:00 PM – Power Nap

Regardless if you had an early morning or a little too much booze, a nap is definitely in your near future. Rest up Rebels, it’s going to be a late night!

9:00 PM – Bars

Here at Ole Miss we have a little saying that goes, “We may lose a game but we never lose a party.” Head out to the square for a Katy Perry at Funky’s or some good tunes at Rooster’s. Before you head out of the square remember to stop at Chevron for chicken on a stick, a true Oxford staple.

1:00 AM – Late Night

Whether it’s a house party at The Retreat or a frat party somewhere on Row, the party never ends in Oxford.


3:00 AM – Crawl into Bed

Well Rebels, it’s time to say goodnight to Gameday. Don’t fret y’all, the next Gameday Saturday is only five days away!

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Sammy Kennedy

Sammy Kennedy

I’m a sophomore journalism student at the University of Mississippi by way of Atlanta. I’m an avid sport event attendee, and college football fanatic. Hotty Toddy and Go Dawgs!