FSU taking percautions if Dalvin Cook is dismissed from team

Dalvin Cook Via Wikipedia

Florida State star running back, Dalvin Cook, has been indefinitely suspended from the team since July after he was charged with misdemeanor battery. He is accused of hitting a woman outside the bar, but Cook says he plans to contest the charge.

In order to cover the bases if something happens in Cooks legal situation, Jimbo Fisher decided to take two full team pictures.

One with Cook and one with out him. It remains a real possibility that Cook will remain a member of the team if his name is cleared through the legal process, but for now Florida State cannot be sure if his name will be cleared.

FSU wants Cook to be a part of their team, but they can’t keep a player on the team if they are convicted of hitting a woman. A number of incidences this offseason have set precedents for dealing with violence against women.

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