Daily Links: What’s going on around college football


We are about three weeks away from college football, and it can’t get here soon enough. Despite all of the schools conducting their first few practices, what is new around college football?

ESPN takes a look at what fans should look forward too in year two of the College Football Playoff format. News flash, Big 12…. It might be beneficial to actually have “One True Champion.”

If predicting the top 25 before a single game has been played isn’t tough enough, CBS thinks they have a crystal ball and a golden horseshoe stuck up… well you know. They took a stab at predicting the selection committee bowl games and who will face who.

Fox sports has decided to figure out a different top 25. Fox compiled the top 25 freaks in college football. Who do you think is the biggest beast or “Freak” in College football?

Grantland has a typical Grantland length piece on who are the freshman to watch this upcoming season. They think that this years impact freshman will be two quarterbacks for storied teams, and a whole host of defensive players throughout the country.

For today’s multimedia portion of the daily links. Was J.J. Watt wearing a Michigan hat on Hardknocks? You tell me. It sure looks like Yellow and Blue with a block “M”

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