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We made it through another weekend with out meaningful football. (Preseason doesn’t count) only one more football less Saturday then football for 14 straight weeks who’s ready?

We start the links with one player who will not see the field on August 29th when football starts. 5 star linebacker Matthew Thomas has been declared ineligible. This leaves a thin linebacking core at Florida State even thinner.

Can Nick Chubb be even better than Todd Gurley? Chubb is already established as the next starting tailback for the Bulldogs, but seriously… Is he better than Gurley? seems to think he has a chance.

High profile former 5 star recruit Ricky Town will transfer from USC. Town was a very sought after recruit, but chose USC. He will be fighting for the secondary reps behind Cody Kessler. There is no official word, but several tweets and he was no show at practice.

Vanderbilt unveiled a new look uniform. It is pretty sleek. Even though nobody is predicting much of anything out of Vandy this season, this uniform alone should win them an extra game or two. 

Helmet cams during games could be a thing. No seriously they could… It won’t happen this year, but a camera already exists that can be inserted into the nose bumper of the helmet just above the facemask. This camera was invented by Schutt (a big time helmet provider) in 2013. Cameras could give fans an idea of exactly what the QB or Trent Richardson was looking at when they throw an interception or run into a pile of lineman rather than a gaping hole to the left. 

Today’s Video: There are a lot of useless skills out there, I have the uncanny ability to learn song lyrics incredibly fast. This won’t get me anywhere in life, and neither will this trick shot by Baylor long snapper. This shot is cool and all, but it really only matters if he can send a perfect snap back about 7 yards (fg attempt) or 15 (punt).

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