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Happy Saturday everybody only 3 more of these until we see college football so wake up early , increaese your beer tolerances and dust off your tailgating equipment.

CBS sports made a map of the best college team in each state heading into the season. For the most part this map is what we would expect it too look like, but to me it was interesting to see Baylor the favorite school in Texas edging out TCU for the best team heading into the season. Another state of note was Michigan. CBS is not drinking the Harbaugh Kool-aid

If you missed it yesterday, Michigan had a pretty big announcement about their new uniforms. Their recruits took notice and this will help out recruiting because remember folks, it’s not about how good you are, it’s all about how good you look when you play.

CBSsports experts decided how they would split up $100 if they were to bet on the College Football playoff today. There picks are pretty interesting. Tom Fornelli picked Auburn, Georgia, Oklahoma and Arkansas. He was either trying to go for the long shots and big money, or he doesn’t think the Pac 12 or Big 10 have a shot this year.

Snoop Dogg’s Son Cordell Broadus¬† and 4-star recruit has quit football. He informed UCLA head coach Jim Mora that he wants to pursue other passions in his life such as film through his company Film School Productions ac coring to Mora’s statement.

Nick Saban and Urban Meyer say they have different philosophies in the type of QB they want. Saban said he wants a “gamer” while Meyer said he doesn’t believe in “gamers.” There is only way to settle this. Cage match, the winner takes on Ronda Rousey right? I would put money on either coach to last longer than Turtle from Entourage. Ronda if you are reading…. Please make this happen.

Today’s video: ESPN released a College Football Playoff Hype Video and according to SBN it will “Make you tackle an entire truck.” It starts out a little weird but give it a chance.


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