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Welcome to week zero. This is the week where people in different color uniforms finally hit each other in front of 70,000 plus fans. We are in the final countdown people.

Forget all you know about West Virginia and the air-raid offense that you have witnessed in the last few years. WVU is traditionally a running team, and they have a two headed monster that is ready to take on the best in college football.

Will Muschamp might not have been a great head coach, but he is a very talented defensive coordinator. He is one of the highest paid assistants in college football, and he has plenty of toys to work with in Auburn. So who starts? what about freshman?

This link is a two-fer. Apparently Josh Rosen is pretty smart, but is he too smart for his own good? We also love cocky athletes, but is Rosen’s nickname a little premature?

Syracuse football has been on a downhill roll for a while now. This might be rockbottom. Four-start running back Robert Washington has decomitted from the Orange and his twitter account was hacked by his father?

The “Harbus” is rolling into Utah… No seriously Fox Sports 1 has a bus that is “dressed” like Jim Harbaugh. Utah wants to send the bus back home with a big first L of the Harbaugh era in Michigan. The fans up in Utah even have a way to get into Harbaugh’s head… Alex Smith Faces.

Daily Video: Not your traditional hype video with the crazy music, but jut remember “One Man Can Change the World.”


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