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One more day, and we can almost taste it. How long until North Dakota State takes on Montana again?

In other news Dalvin Cook was found to be innocent yesterday. FSU has lifted his suspension, and Cook is eligible to compete immediately. One juror even went so far as to say it shouldn’t have ever gone to trial. 

The next Johnny Manziel? Maybe not yet, but I can tell you the next starting quarterback for Texas A&M’s first name starts with a K… Kyle Allen. Allen will be leading the Aggies onto the field against #15 Arizona State.

How much does it cost to play big boy college football? Ask title hungry teams like Texas and Auburn.

Raise your hand high if you watch college football for the announcers? You…. Over there?…. No. me neither. Here is the college football roundup. Get the hot takes from awful announcing.

Who can keep up with all the happenings and dealings of college football? Well here is you one stop shop. An update on all the things you need to know about the college football playoff this year.

Daily Video: Of course it’s a hype up video to get you ready for Tuesday


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