BREAKING: College Football Playoff Top 25


The First addition of the CFP rankings have been released. Here they are and here are some thoughts from our analyst Josh Theus.

1. Clemson
2. LSU
3. Ohio St
4. Alabama
5. Notre Dame
6. Baylor
7. Michigan St
8. TCU
9. Iowa
10. Florida
11. Stanford
12. Utah
13. Memphis
14. Oklahoma St
15. Oklahoma
16. Florida St
17. Michigan
18. Ole Miss
19. Texas A&M
20. Mississippi St
21. Northwestern
22. Temple
23. UCLA
24. Toledo
25. Houston
The inaugural Top 25 CFP rankings of the 2015 season have finally been released. The biggest surprise for me is two SEC schools in the Top 4. Clemson at #1 is not quite a surprise with the body of work. They have a big win vs Notre Dame and this week they will have another big test vs a determined FSU squad. If they win that game it should be clear sailing to a Playoff birth. Ohio St at #3 is exactly what the committee needed to do to send a message that you need to have that quality body of work to be ranked higher in this years rankings

LSU keeps winning and will be in with the quality of play they produce. The Tigers will have a big test Saturday vs #4 Alabama. TCU at #8 is another message sent to teams that they will have to play quality opponents to be ranked higher. Luckily for the Frogs they still have the thick of their schedule to prove that they are worthy of a Top 4 spot. One thing I do not like is Notre Dame at #5. To me they lost the game they had to prove they were a Top 4 team and barely beat a #22 Temple team. Good news for Nole fans. Ohio St was ranked 16th in the original rankings last season and went on to win the national championship. There will be a lot to talk about and debate with the committee and rankings. If you want to ask me a question or debate a spot tweet me @Theus_Josh.

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