Auburn latest to say “my scoreboard is bigger than yours”

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Auburn is the latest to enter the derby for the biggest, best, brightest and newest scoreboard in the country. Over the past several years we have seen stadiums and colleges one up each other with the latest and greatest technology.

It all started with the University of Texas who installed a massive scoreboard after their 2005 National Championship. The game was taken to a new level by Jerry Jones who hosts college games in Cowboy Stadium and the massive 60 yard center hung jumbotron.

Now schools are constantly renovating and upgrading their stadiums to avoid the dreaded one star review.

Auburn’s $13.9 million scoreboard is the largest in college football. The 190 by 57 foot structure will be the biggest scoreboard in college football until someone else builds the next “largest” scoreboard in college football. I give the over under 2 years until somebody one ups Auburn.

In the pictures below you can see just how big Auburn’s new scoreboard is compared to the old one.

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Jonathan Fenton

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