ACC Teams In Their Rivals Colors

01 - Florida State as Florida

Reddit user eharvey328 is at it again, this time swapping out the colors of players from ACC teams last season.

Some people might call this a sin, some people might call it wrong, but I think it works out nicely. Louisville just looks like a bluebird, and it made us realize that everybody hates North Carolina. Winston can pull off his fair share of colors, so we should be looking forward to seeing him in a Buc’s uniform this coming season.

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Check out the other conferences here while your at it

Florida State as Florida
01 - Florida State as Florida

Florida State as Miami
02 - Florida State as Miami

 Clemson as South Carolina
04 - Clemson as South Carolina

Duke as North Carolina
05 - Duke as North Carolina

North Carolina as Duke
06 - North Carolina as Duke

Georgia Tech as Georgia
07 - Georgia Tech as Georgia

Georgia Tech as Clemson
08 - Georgia Tech as Clemson - requested

Louisville as Kentucky
09 - Louisville as Kentuky

Syracuse as Boston College
10 - Syracuse as Boston College

Boston College as Syracuse
11 - Boston College as Syracuse

Virginia as Virginia Tech
12 - Virginia as Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech as Virginia
13 - Virginia Tech as Virginia

North Carolina State as North Carolina 15 - NC State as North Carolina

Pitt as Penn State
16 - Pitt as Penn State

Wake Forest as North Carolina
17 - Wake Forest as North Carolina

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